Overdrive® herbicide uses a unique mode of action to deliver fast-acting, post-emergent broadleaf weed control as well as Glyphosate & Group 2 resistance management

How it works

Comment il fonctionne

Overdrive attacks weeds’ in two distinct but related ways:
  • Overdrive mimicks the plants’ own auxins -- naturally-occuring hormones crucial to plant development and growth. This results in uncontrolled cell division and growth.
  • Overdrive inhibits the plants’ ability to evenly distribute its own auxins. Along with the natural auxins, it accumulates in the weeds’ key growing points, such as roots as well as shoot and stem growth areas. This overconcentration of hormones results in quick weed control.

When to apply

Quand appliquer

How much to apply

Combien d'appliquer

Application tips

Conseils d'application

Diseases controlled

Maladies maîtrisées

Pests controlled

Parasites maîtrisés

Weeds controlled

Mauvaises herbes supprimées

Annual Broadleaf Weeds
Common ragweed
Redroot pigweed
Tall waterhemp
Volunteer canola2
Wild buckwheat

Perennial/Biennial Weeds
Biennial wormwood
Canada thistle (top growth control)
Perennial sow-thistle (suppression)3
Sweet clover (top growth control)
Dandelion (top growth suppression)
Leafy spurge (top growth suppression)
Vetch (top growth control)

1 Includes Group 2 and 9 resistant biotypes. Apply at less than 15 cm high.
2 Apply at the cotyledon to 4-leaf stage of volunteer canola.
3 Apply at the 2-10 leaf stage of perennial sow thistle.

Product specifications

Spécifications du produit

Herbicide group: 4&19
Active Ingredient: Dicamba & Difluflenzopyr
Size (units x size): 4 x 3.4 kg
2 x 2.3 kg
Product Article #: 59012508
PCP #: 30065
Ontario Classification #: 4
Gross Weight of Package: N/A
Units/Pallet: 20
PTS - T/L (48 foot): N/A
Warehouse Stack Height: N/A
Heated Storage: No
Flash Point: N/A
NFC Class: N/R
TDG Information: Not regulated


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